Geoparsing place names from historical texts. © Asko Nivala

Romantic Cartographies

Lived and Imagined Space in English and German Romantic Texts, 1790ā€“1840

Most texts are spatial implying a network of places. This was especially typical of the Romantic era (1790sā€“1840s) that was characterised by the growing interest in historical and natural sites. Romantic Cartographies is a digital humanities project that provides new interpretations on English and German Romantic texts by focusing on spatiality. It analyses the spatiality of Romantic texts by reconstructing the various maps they implied. The geoparsing method developed during the project will enable mining locational data from an exceptionally big textual corpus. The results of text mining will be visualised as superimposed maps, which produce new knowledge about the relationship of centre and periphery, or urban and natural areas in Romanticism.

An alpha version of the project website has been published where you can browse the project database focusing on texts, authors, places, routes and topic models.


  • 2017-2019 Turku Institute for Advanced Studies
  • 2019-2022 Academy of Finland (decision 321945)