Metadata Analysis and Text Reuse Detection: Reassessing public discourse in Finland through newspapers and journals 1771–1917


Poster at DHN 2018 conference

Presenters: Ginter, Filip (1); Kanner, Antti (2); Lahti, Leo (1); Marjanen, Jani (2); Mäkelä, Eetu (2); Nivala, Asko (1); Rantala, Heli (1); Salmi, Hannu (1); Sippola, Reetta (1); Tolonen, Mikko (2); Vaara, Ville (2); Vesanto, Aleksi (2)

Organisation(s): 1: University of Turku; 2: University of Helsinki

During the period 1771–1917 newspapers developed as a mass medium in the Grand Duchy of Finland. This happened within two different imperial configurations (Sweden until 1809 and Russia 1809–1917) and in two main languages – Swedish and Finnish. The Computational History and the Transformation of Public Discourse in Finland, 1640–1910 (COMHIS) project studies the transformation of public discourse in Europe and in Finland via an innovative combination of original data, state-of-the-art quantitative methods that have not been previously applied in this context, and an open source collaboration model.